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Reflections on Practice: Settling In - The First Time and Every Time (Digital Workbook) - Inspired Natural Play Store

Reflections on Practice: Settling In - The First Time and Every Time (Digital Workbook)

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Our range of Reflections on Practice Digital Workbooks are the ideal tool for guiding discussion and reflection within the early childhood environment. Each topic highlights a common challenge for professionals. 

How to use this resource

This resource is designed for early childhood educators of all qualification and experience levels to support them to engage in reflective practice, in order to grow as professionals. It is divided into four clear sections: 

  1. Stories and Understandings
  2. Delving Deeper
  3. Reflecting on Practice
  4. Dreaming, Planning and Taking Action

Why this topic? 

From the moment a family chooses our service, they make a decision to trust us to love, nurture, protect and connect with their child. For many families, and children, this can be a challenging and even distressing time. And it doesn't stop with the very first day. Children and families should feel welcomed with connection each and every time that they arrive at the service, ensuring that children settle into the rhythm of the day and the experience of play in our environment. 

Product Details

This product is a digital download. Please open on a computer rather than tablet or phone and take note of where you save your download.